Fourth Saturday in January

Nuestra Seņora de las Aguas, Mongmong, Guam

Although since World War II the Mongmong area is no longer dependent on farming, and few farmers still rely on Our Lady of the Waters for rain, the village still honors her as patron and presents her with annual offerings for a good harvest. Most of the official activities of the fiesta take place on the fourth Saturday in January. The archbishop comes to say the mass, after which the boys of the confirmation class (around 12 years old) pull the statue in procession out to the road and back to the church, accompanied by Holy Communion candidates (around 7 years old) dressed as angels, along with priests, altar servers, and Knights of Columbus. The girls of the confirmation place the floral harvest offerings, while the rest of the parish joins in prayer. There follows an entire night of feasting and entertainment in the community center. On Sunday, the celebration continues privately as people visit family and friends. (Information and picture from Danielle Gervacio, "Mongmong honors Our Lady of the Waters," Central Weekly, January 30, 2008,  


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