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January 11

Nuestra Seńora del Carmen, Cojímar, Havana, Cuba

On January 11, 1866, Don Pio Garcia, sacristan of the Church of the Assumption in Guanabacoa and resident of Cojímar, asked the Bishop of Havana for permission to take up a collection to gather funds to build a chapel in this fishing village east of the capital. The proprietor of the area, Canon Julian de Ganchegui, donated land, and the first stone of the church was laid December 26, 1877. On January  11, 1879, the temple dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen was finished, and on January 19 her image was placed over the main altar and the first mass said. The church's patronal feast is Our Lady of Mt.  Carmel, July 16, observed since the 1999 restoration of religious functions in a slightly restrained version of the traditional celebration. Three days of activities culminate in a one-hour street procession accompanied by the Guanabacoa Municipal Band, and mass in the church. (Picture and information from "La fiesta del Carmen, reverdecer de la fe en un pueblo habanero," El Vocero Hispano, 07-22-2005,

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Gua Maria Selintang, Kokap, Wates, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. Grotto inaugurated, 2004.
Our Lady, Kerrytown, Donegal, Ireland. Apparition of a radiant figure on a rock to the Ward family and others, 1939.
Madonna del Suffragio, Rome, Italy (Madonna of Intercession). Painting crowned, 1666.
Santa Maria della Catena, Aci Catena, Catania, Sicily, Italy. Church destroyed by earthquake, 1693, except the Madonna's shrine.
Madonna della Vetrana, Castellana Grotte, Bari, Puglia, Italy. Bonfire commemorates Madonna's saving town from plague, 1691.

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