January 19

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Maria Santissima della Cava, Marsala, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

On January 19 Marsala commemorates the anniversary of the finding of the statue of St. Mary of the Cave in the early 1500s, after four years of digging led by Father Leonardo Savina, who had dreamed that an ancient image was hidden in a grotto. When the statue finally came to light, a number of miraculous healings occurred. The Madonna became patron of the city, and the grotto a place of worship and prayer. When a bomb destroyed the church May 11, 1943, the statue remained intact. (Information from "Il simulacro di Maria SS. della Cava," www.finesettimana.it/festa.asp?id=28559. Picture from the town's website, "Madonna della Cava,"  web.comunemarsala.it.)   

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