January 31

Nossa Senhora da Esperanša, Cidade da Esperanša, Natal, Brazil

The devotion to Our Lady of Hope in Brazil dates from its discovery: Pedro ┴lvares Cabral undertook his voyage to the Indies, which ended in the discovery of Brazil, carrying in his ship an image of Our Lady of Hope. Father Vaz Caminha, in one of his letters to the Portuguese king Dom Manuel I, related that the first Catholic masses were said on Brazilian soil, April 26 and May 1, 1500, in the presence of a large cross and under the maternal gaze of the Mother of Hope. This image returned to Brazil in 1955 for the International Eucharistic Congress in Rio de Janeiro. A replica is found in the Brasilia Cathedral, and by the time Cidade da Esperanša was established, 11 other Brazilian parishes claimed her as patron. Inaugurated January 31, 1966, Cidade da Esperanša (City of Hope) was the first public housing development in the country, a model for those in other states. When the community was being planned, the Catholic women decided on the idea of building a church to Our Lady of Hope. The parish celebrates its patronal feast on the community's founding date. Image and information from "Parˇquia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanša Cidade da Esperanša," Arquidiocese de Natal, www.arquidiocesedenatal.org.br (with text by Msgr. Severino Bezerra, Tribuna do Norte,  25/10/1964).  

Also celebrated this date:

bulletMadonna Pellegrina, Padua, Padua, Veneto, Italy. Bishop vowed to build sanctuary if city spared, 1943.
bulletMary, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, Florida, USA. Church opened, 1993; feast August 22.

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