February 1

Panagia Paramythia, Kykko, Nicosia, Cyprus

On February 1, 1997, a novice monk noticed that the Virgin and Child were both weeping on the icon of Panagia Paramythia, the All-Holy Consoler, in Kykko monastery, Cyprus. Off and on for a month, many witnesses, both monks and pilgrims, saw pine-scented tears flow down the holy faces. The icon, a 1500s copy of the one in Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos (Feb. 3), was originally in the Monastery of the Virgin of Helicon three miles north, abandoned around 1800 and now a ruin. It hangs on the iconostasis near the Kykkiotissa, the ancient miracle-working icon of Kykko Monastery, held to have been painted by St. Luke (see Nov. 25). The Abbot and Archbishop both said the tears were a sign from God, a call to repentance; and the Abbot promised to use any ensuing donations for the "defense of Cyprus" and rebuilding of the Helicon Monastery. Information from Kykko Monastery's former website, www.imkykkou.com.cy; and other sources; picture from www.visionsofjesuschrist.com.   

Also commemorated this date:

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bulletNuestra Señora de la Candelaria, Punucapa, Valdivia, Chile. Nocturnal procession to cemetery.
bulletNotre-Dame Mère de Toute Grâce, Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Our Lady Mother of All Grace). Sanctuary inaugurated, 1987.
bulletOnze Lieve Vrouw ter Nood Gods, Delft, South Holland, Netherlands (Our Lady of God's Passion). Apparition, 1351.
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