February 15

Maica Domnului de la Nicula, Fizesul Gherlei, Cluj, Transylvania, Romania

On February 15, 1699, occupying Catholic soldiers from Austria visited the Romanian Orthodox Assumption Monastery of Nicula, where they noticed an icon of the Virgin weeping large tears. The weeping continued until March 12, attested by many witnesses. Painted in 1681 by the priest Luca, from nearby Iclod, the holy icon is of the hodigitria or way-pointing type. Dressed in a red-trimmed robe and a starred red mantle, Mary gestures toward the child in her left arm. A pilgrimage honors the Mother of God of Nicula every August 15, the Monastery's patronal feast. (Picture from "Lacrimile Maicii Domnului de la Nicula (1699-2009)," Arta-cultura, March 12, 2009, www.ziarulfaclia.ro; information from www.romaniatravel.com.)   

Also commemorated this date:

bulletMadonna del Conforto, Arezzo, Toscana, Italy. Image appeared transfigured, 1796.

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