February 22

Beata Vergine di Poggio, Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy

On February 22, 1550, blind old Antonia Bedini was begging for bread when the Madonna appeared saying, "Go home, and you'll find what you need in the cupboard, for as long as you live." Antonia obeyed, and her cupboard provided enough bread for her to eat until her death nine months later. The miracle immediately attracted popular devotion and further miracles. The sanctuary in the Poggio district was begun in 1551. The revered image on its main altar, brought from Medicina for the Rogations in 1568 and allowed to remain at the order of the bishop over Medicina's protest, is a 1500s painting of the French school by Giacomo son of Francesco. The Madonna is seated between Sts. Francis & Jerome, in a red robe, blue mantle & yellow-green veil, with a naked Child on her knee. (Picture and information from "Apparizione di Poggio di Castel S.Pietro," www.mariadinazareth.it/www2005/Apparizioni/Poggio%20di%20Castel%20S.Pietro.htm; see also S.I.T.A.,,L=1.)  

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