March 10

Notre-Dame de Pradelles, Pradelles, Haute-Loire, Auvergne, France

Devotion to Our Lady of Pradelles began in 1512, with the discovery of her statue in the soil of a field by the hospital, where the chapel belltower stands now. But the event that brought her fame occurred March 10, 1588, during the wars of religion. Having ravaged the region for some time, Huguenot troops came to attack Pradelles, but they were defeated and the town spared pillage. The inhabitants attributed this victory to Mary's protection. In 1793, revolutionaries threw the statue on the fire. Someone pulled it out, half burned. Restored with local pine, it returned to the chapel in 1802 and was crowned solemnly on July 18, 1869. The annual pilgrimage takes place at the feast of the Assumption, August 15. (Picture and information from Diocèse du Puy-en-Velay,   

Also commemorated this date:

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bulletNotre Dame, Versailles, Yvelines, France. Louis XIV laid church foundation stone, 1684. Feast March 25.
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