April 3

Our Lady Consolata, Nairobi, Kenya

Consolata Missionaries, Catholic priests and brothers from Italy, began working in Kenya in 1902. During World War II, Allied forces captured and deported them all. They vowed that if they ever returned to Kenya, they would build a shrine to their patron, La Consolata. In 1953, they did return and established a chapel in the Westlands district of Nairobi for Italian emigrants there. Ten years later, when Kenya attained independence from Britain, the Catholic community of Westlands decided to fund construction of a real parish church. On April 3, 1971, Maurice Otunga, Archbishop of Nairobi, consecrated the Church of Our Lady Consolata. In 1991, Otunga, now a Cardinal, returned to the church to proclaim it an official Catholic Shrine. The Consolata Shrine celebrates its patron on the Sunday after June 20, feast of La Consolata. (Picture of the statue honored at the celebration June 25, 2006, from the Shrine's website, www.consolatashrine.org.)

Also commemorated this date:

bulletNotre-Dame du Chêne, Maisières, Doubs, Franche-Comté, France (Our Lady of the Oak). Apparition, 1803.
bulletSanta Maria della Croce, Crema, Cremona, Lombardy, Italy. Apparition, 1460.
bulletMadonna dell’Avvocata, Cava de' Tirreni, Salerno, Campania, Italy. Apparition, 1490; statue crowned, 2002.
bulletVirgen de los Dolores, Canals, La Costera, Valencia, Spain (Virgin of Sorrows). Statue crowned, 1993. Fiesta Sept. 15.
bulletSt. Mary, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. First service in and blessing of cathedral, 1904.

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