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Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, Soalheira, Fundão, Castelo Branco, Beira Baixa, Portugal

In her chapel outside Solheira, votive tablets testify to miracles attributed to the Lady of Necessities as early as 1685. In 1808, French troops cut a devastating swath through the region. The people of Soalheira prayed to Our Lady of Necessities: a dense fog hid the town, and the invaders passed by to one side. Townspeople continue to rely on her help, including many emigrants in Africa and France.   

The feast of Our Lady of Necessities takes place on Pascoela, the Sunday after Easter. The night before, people gather in the town church for mass, then walk with the statue of St. Joseph to the rural chapel. On the festival day, mass outside the chapel is followed by a procession with the statues of Mary and Joseph through the streets of Soalheira. At the end of the procession, the philharmonic band leads songs of thanks to Our Lady before she returns to her chapel. On Monday, after mass, a procession takes her statue north through town to the chapel. After singing farewell to the Virgin, the procession returns with St. Joseph to the main church.

On April 22, 1979, during the street procession through Soalheira under a radiant sun, and later in the chapel, the image of Our Lady shed tears, witnessed by many people and captured on film. Although unrecognized by church officials, this event increased pilgrimages to the shrine.

Senhora das Necessidades
Á vossa porta me empino:
Deitai-me a vossa benção
Mai-la do vosso Menino. 
Senhora das Necessidades
Quem vos varreu a capela?
Foi a vossa ermitoa
Com um raminho de marcela. 
Senhora das necessidades
Estais no altar de pé:
Sois mãe de Jesus Cristo,
Esposa de S. José. 
Senhora das Necessidades
Já cá vimos à ladeira
Abri a porta Senhora
Ao povo da Soalheira. 	
Lady of Necessities
To your door I run:
Pour your blessing on me,
Mother of your Son.
Lady of Necessities
Who has swept your room?
It was your own hermit
With an herbal broom.
Lady of Necessities
On the altar there
You're Jesus's mother,
Joseph's wife so dear.
Lady of Necessities
Since we've come so far
Open to Soalheira's
People now your door.

Information and lyrics from "Nossa Senhora das Necessidades," Paróquia Nossa Senhora do Carmo - ITUVERAVA-SP (Diocese de Franca-SP), Picture from "Nossa Senhora das Necessidades," Grupo Coral da Soalheira, 

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