Holy Thursday

Ty Mamm Doué, Kerfeunteun, Quimper, Brittany, Finistère, France

The stone chapel of Ty Mamm Doué (Mother of God) was built in the 1500s beside an older oratory of 1295. The statue was added in the 1600s, in a niche with the inscription, "Virgin Mary, Mother of God, pray for us." In 1630, a young French Jesuit, Father Julien Manoir, prayed at the shrine for the gift of learning the Breton language. Before long, he had written the Breton catechism, and become a great preacher of missions throughout Brittany. The Grand Pardon, a processional pilgrimage, is held on the first Sunday in July. The famous Mute Pardon takes place in silence on the Thursday before Easter. (See paroisse.kerfeunteun.free.fr and the picture source, tymammdoue.canalblog.com.)  

Also celebrated this date:

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bulletNuestra Señora de las Angustias, Alanís, Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain. Town patron.
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