Last Saturday in April

Madonna Incoronata, Foggia, Apulia, Italy

The town of Borgo Incoronata, five miles from Foggia in southeastern Italy, honors the Crowned Madonna on this date because in the year 1001, on the last Saturday in April, she appeared on an oak tree in the woods by the Cervaro River. Two people saw her: the Count of Ariano Irpino, who was hunting, and a herder named Strazzacappa. The Virgin showed them her statue and asked that a church be built there, promising many blessings to those who would come there to pray before the image. The rustic shrine became a place of pilgrimage, near which a monastery arose (extant in 1066). Somewhat abandoned in the 1800s after the Napoleonic invasion, the sanctuary revived after the Sons of Divine Providence took it over in 1950s. In 1958-9 they completely rebuilt it in modern style. The religious celebration begins on the preceding Wednesday when the statue is dressed and exposed to the faithful. On Friday the Parade of Angels takes place: costumed children ride on floats representing events of the Marian tradition. Many believers watch all night, waiting for the first solemn mass on Saturday. (Information from the Sanctuary's site,, and other sources. Picture from Lucia Lopriore, "Il Culto Mariano in Capitanata," Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili Italiane,

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