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Virgen de la Cueva Santa, Altura, Castellón, Valencia, Spain 

Sixty-six feet deep, the Holy Cave was once known as the Cave of the Brazier, a place of refuge for herders and their livestock. In 1416, Carthusian Brother Bonifacio Ferrer, of the nearby Charterhouse of Vall de Crist, made an alabaster image of the Virgin's head and molded wax copies to distribute among the herders, who could carry them in their rucksacks because of their 8" size. One of the herders left his statuette in a corner of the cave, where it lay forgotten for decades. In 1503, another herder, sleeping there, dreamed the Virgin showed him where to find her image. But the cave did not become a place of pilgrimage until a leper was healed there in 1574. In 1592, Carthusian monks took charge of the cave shrine and replaced the wax copy with the alabaster original in the place of honor. Beneath a rayed crown, the Virgin's face is aged, framed in a widow's veil. That it hasn't deteriorated in its humble, humid cave is considered miraculous. In 1955 Pope Pius XII named the Virgin of the Holy Cave the patron saint of Spanish speleologists, who place her image in every cave they explore. Healings continued through the 20th century. 


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