May 18

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Matka Boska Skępska, Skępe, Lipno, Kuyavia-Pomerania, Poland

In 1490, herders saw a strange light around a large stone by the road outside Skępe, in the Dobrzyń Land of central Poland. Some said they saw Our Lady surrounded by choirs of angels, and that her footprints remained on the stone. In 1495, an epidemic (probably the arrival of syphilis) struck the region. Pilgrims began coming to the apparition site, and many reported cures. A calvary was erected at the stone. A pilgrim named John, from Pobiedziska near Gniezno, reported a vision in which Our Lady told him that the proprietors of Skępe should build a chapel there. Castellan Nicholas Kościelecki took this to heart, and with his wife Catherine built a wooden chapel dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1496, in thanks for regaining the use of her legs, their daughter Sophia had a 38" wooden statue brought from Poznań for the shrine. In 1498, Bernardine Fathers came to care for the chapel and pilgrims. Nicholas' uncle, Bishop Kościelecki, dedicated a new brick church there in 1511, remodeled in Baroque style over the next two centuries. Regional pilgrimages took place annually on September 8, feast of the Nativity of Mary. By authority of the Vatican, Fabiana Pląskowskiego, Auxialiary Bishop of Chełmno, crowned the statue on Pentecost Sunday, May 18, 1755. In 1980, the crown was stolen, and the Bernardine Fathers arranged for a new one. Bogdan Sikorski, Bishop of Płock, recrowned the image on September 8, 1984. The Blessed Mother of Skępe is also known as Queen of Masovia and Kuyavia and Pregnant Mother of God. Childless couples visit the shrine to enlist her help with conception.   

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