Fourth Sunday after Easter

Madonna dei Miracoli, Lonigo, Venezia, Veneto, Italy

It was May 1, 1486, outside the north Italian town of Lonigo. Two men had murdered a fellow cobbler for his money, which they were counting on the altar of St. Peter's church. Guglielmo, looking at a fresco of Our Lady of the Assumption on the wall, said, "We've done a bad thing!" Gianantonio said, "But who knows it?" "Only I and the Virgin Mary." "Then I'll give her ten whacks!" and at that Gianantonio stabbed the image in the right eye and breast. As the wounds bled, the Madonna bowed her head, lifting one praying hand to her wounded brow and the other to her high sash. The men fled to Verona, where the authorities apprehended and executed repentant Guglielmo. The attacker, Gianantonio, got away. Meanwhile, in Lonigo, pilgrims began coming to St. Peter's and reporting more miracles through the Madonna. On May 7, a man was healed of a broken back. Pietro Bruti, Bishop of Verona, conducted an investigation and declared the events supernatural in 1492. Not much remains of the Madonna's image (left) enshrined in the sanctuary begun in 1487 and dedicated to her in 1501. Under the huge papal crown of 1618, her face is featureless. It is hard to make out the clouds below her or even the "tree of salvation" behind her, with the Crucifixion on its trunk, the Apostles on its branches, and the Holy Spirit on top. A late nineteenth-century mosaic (right) on the main altar depicts the image as it would have looked after the miracle. The Sanctuary celebrates its feast day on the fourth Sunday after Easter.

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