June 7

Matka Boża Świętorodzinna, Miedniewice, Zyrardów, Masovia, Poland

The icon of the Mother of God of the Holy Family, in a gold relief cover, depicts Joseph, Mary, and Jesus at table, the child in a highchair being fed by his mother. In 1674, Jakub Trojanczyk bought the picture to replace one on his barn. Neighbors saw a glow coming from it morning and evening, and began going there to pray. In 1676, the lord of the place, Nicholas Victoria Grudzinski, built a small church and moved the picture inside it, together with the post from which it had hung. In 1731 the primate of Poland laid the cornerstone of a new temple. The image was crowned June 7, 1767.

Also celebrated this date:

bulletNotre Dame de Sabart, Tarascon-sur-Ariege, Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées, France. 1300s statue crowned, 1954. Pilgrimage Sept. 8.
bulletMadonna della Pietà, Preci, Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Town's patronal festa.
bulletMadonna del Cielo, Fondi, Latina, Latium, Italy (Our Lady of Heaven)
bulletMatka Boża Nieustającej Pomocy, Niedźwiady, Żelazków, Kalisz, Greater Poland, Poland (Mother of God of Perpetual Help). Icon crowned, 1991, by Pope John Paul II.
bulletMaria-Rickenbach, Niederrickenbach, Dallenwil, Nidwalden, Switzerland. Statue rescued from church destroyed by Protestant forces, 1528.


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