June 12

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Madonna del Tamaro, Monte Tamaro, Ticino, Switzerland

Cable-car owner Egidio Cattaneo commissioned Italian sculptor Antonio Danzi to create a bronze Madonna and Child for the resort on 6,454' Monte Tamaro near the Italian border. On June 12, 1984, Pope John Paul II blessed the statue during his visit to the area, and a year later a group of Catholic youth installed the Madonna del Tamaro on the mountain. Since then, other monuments on Tamaro have somewhat eclipsed her fame: the stone chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli, consecrated in 1996, which Cattaneo commissioned from architect Mario Botta in memory of his wife; the totemic "Guardian of the Temple" sculpture by Luca Marcionelli, 2006; and Jaya Schürch's "Suspended Cube," 2008.


Information from Monte Tamaro, www.montetamaro.ch
Monte Tamaro brochure, clienti.tio.ch/img_articoli/20090309_140529_prospetto2009.pdf (picture)

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