June 19

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Honfleur, Calvados, Normandy, France

Richard II, Duke of Normandy, founded the first chapel here in 1023 to fulfill a vow made in a storm. In 1538 a landslide destroyed it. The present building dates from 1600--pillaged during the Revolution and later restored. St. Thérèse visited the shrine in June 1887. The gilt wood statue of Our Lady of Grace, from around 1700, surrounded by cast-off crutches and ex votos commemorating Our Lady's help at sea, was crowned June 19, 1913. The festal pilgrimage the third Sunday in June celebrates that event. The sailors' pilgrimage takes place Pentecost Monday. 

Etoile de la Mer, 
Qui écoute nos prières, 
Notre Dame de Grâce, 
Apprends-nous à connaitre la volonté du Père, 
La docilité à la Parole, à vivre de l’Esprit, 
A aimer l’Eglise dont nous sommes, 
A aimer le monde que Jésus vient sauver. 
Regarde nos vies, les joies et les peines de chaque jour. 
Intercède auprès de ton fils, présente lui nos prières, 
Entends nos demandes et reçois nos mercis 
Parce que tu es notre Mère et nous sommes tes enfants. 
Notre Dame de Grâce, 
Etoile de la Mer, 
Ainsi soit-il. 
Star of the Sea, 
Who hears our prayers, 
Our Lady of Grace, 
Teach us to know the Father's will, 
To be docile to the Word, to live by the Spirit, 
To love the Church that we are, 
To love the world that Jesus comes to save. 
Look at our lives, the joys and cares of each day. 
Intercede with your son, present him our prayers, 
Listen to our requests and receive our thanks 
Because you are our Mother and we are your children. 
Our Lady of Grace, 
Star of the Sea, 
So be it.
(From a prayer written in 2013 for the 100th anniversary of the coronation by Father Oliver Ruffay)

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