July 15

Akhtyrskaya Icon of the Mother of God, Croydon, North Queensland, Australia


On July 2, 1739, Rev. Daniil Vasiliev was mowing hay near his church in Akhtyrka, Russia (now Okhtyrka, Ukraine), when he saw an icon in the tall grass. Blindingly radiant, the image depicted the Mother of God contemplating her Son's crucifixion. For three years he kept the icon in his house in a room of its own. Then he again saw light around the painting, and the Holy Mother appeared to him in a dream, instructing him to dust off the icon, wash it, and cover it. He immediately woke and began to follow her requests. As he was carrying the wash water to the river, the Mother of God told him to use it to bless the sick instead, and they would be healed. His daughter drank some and soon recovered from her illness. After several other miracles, the empress ordered an investigation, which concluded, in 1751, that "this icon be venerated as miracle-working." Under the Soviet regime, the icon went into exile, and now is now in the care of the Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand, headquartered in Croydon. The feast day of the Miracle-Working Icon of Akhtyrka is July 2 (July 15 in the modern calendar). (Information from www.icon.lt/list/akhtyrskaya.htm. Picture from "История Храма," Храмы Подмосковья, www.ioakimanna-mozhaysk.ru/about/06/.) 

Also celebrated this date:
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