Sunday after July 2

Notre-Dame-au-Bois, Braine-le-Château, Walloon Brabant, Belgium

When the roadside chapel to the Mother of Mercy outside Braine-le-Château was rebuilt in 1740, the dedication stone was turned inside out, so pilgrims can no longer see its original inscription: "St. Mary, refuge of those vexed with fever, pray for us." But they still come to pray at the shrine now called Our Lady of the Woods, especially for the protection of livestock. On the Sunday after July 2, a procession leaves the town square of Braine-le-Château after the 10:00 mass to go to the country chapel, where an open-air mass is said. The photo (left) of the small, dark Virgin and Child, in white robes and rococo chair, is from Unité Scoute de Noucelles,  

Also celebrated this date:

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