August 5

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Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, Lima, Peru

Tradition holds that the Virgin appeared to Ferdinand III in 1248 during his reconquest of Seville, saying, "You have a constant protector in my image of La Antigua, whom you love well and which is in Seville." After he entered the city, the mosque wall appeared transparent to him, so that he could see the old fresco hidden inside. The present image in Seville's Cathedral appears to date from the 1300s. But however old St. Mary the Ancient is, by the time Spain colonized the Americas, devotion to her was still strong. Conquerors, missionaries, and settlers from Andalucia carried the devotion the New World, placing her image in the cathedrals of Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

In 1544, the archdeacon of Seville's cathedral sent a copy of the fresco to his counterpart in the suffragan cathedral of Lima, where it was placed in the choir chapel behind the main altar, as in Seville. There it became a focus of devotion and the recipient of papal indulgences. In 1627 Our Lady the Ancient was named patron of the first university in South America, the University of San Marcos in Lima. Ven. Francisco Camacho (1629-1698) came to Lima as a soldier, but joined the Order of Hospitallers after a conversion experience in the Chapel of La Antigua. He stayed in Lima for 30 years, living a holy life and sometimes speaking with the Virgin in her chapel. In 1895 the Cathedral was remodeled and the painting of St. Mary the Ancient moved to a side chapel.

Her fiesta is celebrated on August 5.


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