Third Sunday in August

Nossa Senhora de Azambuja, Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil

In the 1870s, Italians from the town of Treviglio in Lombardy settled in the Azambuja valley of southern Brazil. They built a chapel of handmade brick, dedicated in 1887 to Our Lady of Caravaggio. (For more on this Lombard devotion and its spread to Brazil, see May 26). Five years later, the influx of pilgrims to the chapel necessitated a larger building. Over the altar of the church dedicated in 1894, new statues from Italy were installed, representing the Madonna's 1432 apparition to Mrs. Giannetta Varoli near the town of Caravaggio, four miles from Treviglio. In 1927, the old chapel was demolished. The following year a Lourdes grotto was dedicated, with a chapel containing ex votos and the picture of the Madonna of Caravaggio from the old one. In the 1940s a still bigger church, resplendent with stained glass and marble, replaced that of the 1890s. Although the shrine still celebrates Our Lady of Caravaggio on May 26, since 1900 it has held a separate festa for Our Lady of Azambuja, the name by which the shrine is now known. Originally held on the feast of the Assumption, August 15, the festa of Our Lady of Azambuja was moved to the third Sunday of August in 1985, after Brazil discontinued the August 15 national holiday. (Information and picture from the shrine's site, Azambuja,

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