September 25

Santa Maria del Rosario, San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Devout housewife Gladys Quiroga de Motta first saw the Virgin on September 25, 1983, while praying the rosary at home in the town of San Nicolás, some two hours north of Buenos Aires. It was the beginning of a long series of apparitions that would result in a sanctuary, a devotional revival with international impact, and over 1800 messages until the last one on February 11, 1990. In November, 1983, the seer and her confessor discovered a statue, stored in the bell tower of the cathedral in the city of Rosario, which matched the Virgin's appearance. It was a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, blessed by Pope Leo XIII and sent to the Argentine church at its founding. The Rosary Confraternity had said their first prayers before this Madonna on September 25, 1884. The renovated statue was moved to the new sanctuary being built at the Virgin's request "on the banks of the Paraná," which soon became a magnet for pilgrims and a locus of the miraculous. Beginning in November 1984 stigmata appeared on the seer during Advent and Lent. Unlike most recent apparition cults, the devotions at San Nicolás have enjoyed Catholic Church support. Our Lady's final message was: "I invite you to live my instructions step by step: pray, repair, trust!" The sanctuary's website is (Photograph of the statue from the website of Las Siervas de los Corazones Traspasados de Jesús y María, Information also from Messages Of Our Lady At San Nicolás, E. O. De Nagy-Pal and M-H Gall, tr., Faith Publishing Company, Milford, Ohio, 1991.)  

Also celebrated this date:
bulletNotre-Dame du Rempart, Namur, Wallonia, Belgium (Our Lady of the Rampart)
bulletKidist Mariam Eme Buzuhan, Gilgel-Beles, Metekel-Gumuz, Ethiopia (St. Mary Mother of All). Catholic chapel dedicated, 2005.
bulletMadonna della Grazia, Gravina in Puglia, Bari, Apulia, Italy. Statue crowned, 1991; festa Sept. 8.
bulletVirgen de la Fuencisla, Segovia, Castile and León, Spain. Fiesta (main day now last Sunday in September).
bulletVirgen del Pueyo, Villamayor de Gállego, Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain. Statue crowned, 2010. Fiesta Sept. 8.
bulletMare de Déu de la Misericòrdia, Reus, Baix Camp, Catalonia, Spain (Merciful Mother of God). Apparition to shepherdess Isabel Besora, 1592; festa.
bulletBoiany Mother of God, Boiany, Novoselytsia, Chernivtsy, Ukraine (Sept. 12 Julian). Icon written in 1991 wept in 1993; healings.
bulletOur Lady of America, Rome City, Indiana, USA. Apparition to Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), 1956.


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