September 28

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Nuestra Señora del Sagrario, Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

There are several statues of Mary in Toledo's cathedral, but the most revered is Our Lady of the Tabernacle, the city's patron, who has held a place of honor there since the building of the present church in the 1200s. Her legend relates that the image, once owned by the Apostles, was brought to Toledo by Saint Eugenius II, Bishop from 647 to 657. When Muslim conquerors approached in 711, Christians hid the statue in a well in the cathedral cloister. When Alfonso VI of León and Castile reconquered Toledo, one story goes, the statue emerged from the well water holding a lighted candle ("Capilla del Santísimo," Catedral Primada Toledo, Another story holds that the well was dry, and that, alerted by a light that shone night after night on a section of the cathedral, people dug there and found the statue ("Imagen que Perteneció a los Apóstoles: Virgen del Sagrario de Toledo, España (15 de agosto)," Foros de la Virgen, On the spot is the present Blessed Sacrament Chapel, where Our Lady's statue accompanies the tabernacle containing the Body and Blood of her Son.

The loquat wood statue is a classic medieval Virgin in Majesty, seated on a throne, with the Child in the middle of her lap. Canonically crowned May 30, 1926, the image was profaned in the Civil War. It was recrowned Sept. 28, 1939. The Virgin's feast day is celebrated with great festivities August 15. (Image and information from "Virgen del Sagrario," La Madre de Dios,  

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