Sunday after September 8

Notre-Dame de Cléry, Cléry-Sant-André, Loiret, Centre, France

The shrine began around 1280 with discovery of a statue of the Virgin, for which Philippe IV & VI built a magnificent church. The English destroyed it in 1428. In 1443, they beseiged Dieppe, and Dauphin Louis XI vowed to rebuild Notre-Dame de Cléry if the seige were raised. When it was, he rebuilt the church in exquisite Flamboyant Gothic style, and after winning the battle of Montlhéry in 1465, made the collegial church of Cléry a royal chapel in 1467. On September 7, 1483, he was buried there. Calvinists destroyed the Virgin's image in 1562; some 60 years later Louis XIII donated the present statue in replacement. Our Lady of Cléry is considered a Black Virgin, although her complexion is not very dark. Perhaps the original was blacker. Certainly the pose, seated with the child centered on his mother's lap, both looking forward, is typical of medieval French vierges noires. The annual pilgrimage is September 8 and the Sunday following. (Information from Philippe Araguas, Picture from  

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