October 13

Madonna della Schiavonea, Corigliano Calabro, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy

In the night of August 23, 1648, as mounted sentinel Antonio Ruffo watched the sea near St. Leonard's Church and the Tower of Cupo, he saw, not the Moslem raiders he was looking out for, but the Holy Virgin, seated over the sea. Arms outstretched, she calmed his fears, calling herself the Madonna of Schiavonea. Afterwards, the watchman commissioned a local artist named Scamardella to paint her portrait, which was carried in procession to St. Leonard's Church on October 13, 1648. Work on a new sanctuary at the site began March 16, 1649. Dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows, after Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, the shrine and Schiavonea district celebrate their patronal feast day on August 5 with a nautical procession of a standing statue of the Virgin and Child, while the unusual Black Madonna painting remains in the diocesan sanctuary above the main altar. (Information from "Apparizione Marina di Schiavonea," mariadinazareth.it. Picture from "Immagini del Santuario di Schiavonea in Santa Maria ad Nives," www.santuari.it.)   

Also commemorated this date:

bulletInmaculada Concepción, Lo Vásquez, Casablanca, Chile. Statue crowned, 1951. Feast Dec. 8.
bulletNotre-Dame de l' Espérance, Mont-Dol, Brittany, France (Our Lady of Hope). Chapel and statue dedicated, 1857. Feast Aug. 15.
bulletMadonna del Ghisallo, Magreglio, Como, Lombardy, Italy. Pope Pius XII named her patron of bicyclists Oct. 13, 1949.
bulletNossa Senhora dos Mártires, Lisbon, Portugal
bulletFinal apparition and miracle of the sun, Fátima, Ourém, Santarém, Centro, Portugal, 1917
bulletOur Lady of Lourdes, Daegu, Yeongnam, South Korea. Grotto inaugurated October 13, 1918.
bulletNuestra Señora de Candelaria, Candelaria, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Statue crowned, 1889. Fiestas Feb. 2 and Aug. 15.
bulletFatima Mother of God, Dovbysh, Baranivsky, Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Statue dedicated in parish church, now Sanctuary, 1990.
bulletOur Lady of Fatima, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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