Third Monday in October

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Mare de Déu Pobra, Xaló, Alicante, Valencia, Spain

The story goes that in 1731, in the Benibrai area outside the town of Xaló, old Uncle Canet was plowing with two mules when his plow struck an object. It turned to be a box containing a statue of the Virgin, whose poor condition led to the title "Poor Mother of God." However, sources indicate that devotion to the Verge Pobra existed in Xaló well before that date. In any case, the Poor Mother of God is now the patron saint of Xaló, and her image holds a place of honor in its church. Her fiestas last five days. On Sunday, participants reenact the finding of the image. On Monday, the main feast day, a solemn sung Mass is followed by distribution of blessed bread and a mascletà, a loud salute of rhythmic fireworks. There is a solemn procession with marching bands, and at night, a big fireworks display and a dance. (Information from Andrés de Sales Ferri, Santuarios marianos de Valencia y Murcia, Encuentro, Madrid, 2000, p. 93, and other sources. Picture from the city's former website,   


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