November 2

Santa Maria dell'Anima, Rome, Italy

In 1350, a Dutch couple in Rome began building the Church of Santa Maria dell'Anima, dedicated to St. Mary as helper of souls in Purgatory, as a place of worship for pilgrims from Germanic countries. When rebuilding the church for the Holy Year 1500, Andrea Sansovino carved for the central tympanum a statuary group of the Madonna between two souls, possibly in keeping with the image in a previous chapel on the site. Now the German national church in Rome, Santa Maria dell'Anima is a wide hall church in traditional Northern European style, augmented with four apse chapels on each side. The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of All Souls on November 2.  (Information from Churches of Rome,, and Picture from "Roma Foto dei dintorni di PIAZZA NAVONA,"  

Also celebrated this date:

bulletShuiskaya Mother of God, Shui, Vladimir, Russia (Oct. 20 old calendar)

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