November 8

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Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, Italy

On November 8, 1620, Catholic and Protestant armies fought for control of Bohemia at White Mountain, near Prague. The Catholic chaplain, Spanish Carmelite Domingo Ruzola, carried with him a small painting of the Virgin and shepherds adoring the newborn Jesus, which he had rescued from a church in Strakonice, further south, where iconoclasts had cut out the eyes of everyone in the picture except the baby's. Catholics attributed their victory at the Battle of White Mountain to the intercession of St. Mary, afterwards rededicating the Carmelite church of St. Paul in Rome to St. Mary of Victory and installing the painting known as Santa Maria di Strakonice above its main altar. The original painting burned in the fire of 1833 and was replaced by a copy. The church is now more famous for Bernini's sculpture of St. Teresa in ecstasy, installed in 1652. (Picture and some information from "STORIA DELLA CHIESA DI SANTA MARIA DELLA VITTORIA," Teresiania Karmel in Österreich,  

Also celebrated this date:

Nossa Senhora do Amparo, Valença, Bahia, Brazil (Our Lady of Refuge). Town's patronal festa, procession.
Nossa Senhora do Parto, Palhoça, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Virgen de los Treinta y Tres, Florida, Uruguay (Virgin of the Thirty-Three). Patron of Uruguay. Mass and eight-mile procession.

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