November 10

Maria Santissima del Monte Carmelo, Bagheria, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Devout layman Don Cola Farina built and endowed the chapel of Most Holy Mary of Mount Carmel in Bagheria, on the north coast of Sicily, in 1867. On November 9, 1934, Cardinal Lavitrano raised the "church of don Cola" to the level of parish. Eventually, its congregation outgrew the simple chapel. Since the new church was dedicated November 9, 2004, the old one is used for reunions, catechism classes, and meetings of the men's Third Order Carmelites. Every year on November 10, the parish celebrates a solemn mass in the old chapel. (Information and picture of the 1920s statue, now in the new building, from the parish website,  

Also comemmorated this date:

Notre-Dame de Lorette, Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, Pas-de-Calais, France. Vigil service at church in cemetery on WWI battlefield.
Muttergottes von der Augenwende, Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (God's Mother of the Turning Eyes). During French siege in 1643, people saw Mary's statue look sad & its eyes move.
Madonna dell'Ulivo, Enna, Sicily, Italy (Our Lady of the Olive)
Sainte Marie, Anosivolakely, Antanarivo, Madagascar. Apparitions began, 1990.

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