November 12

Ozeryanska Mother of God, Kharkiv, Ukraine

This icon -- or was it the Virgin Mother herself? --appeared in the 1600s at Ozeryanka, about 15 miles outside the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Widely considered miraculous by both Catholics and Orthodox, Ukrainians and Russians, the image resided in the Kuriazh Transfiguration Monastery on Cold Hill overlooking Kharkiv, processing to Ozeryanka annually for a two-week stay. In his youth, the founder of Ukrainian fiction, Hryhorii Kvitka-Osnovianenko (b. 1778), was healed of blindness when he saw light coming from the icon in the monastery. In 1896, the Ozeryanska Church was built along the procession route in an intentionally hybrid style which crowned a Roman-style basilica with Russian-style domes. The holy icon in its jeweled setting disappeared in 1926, and the procession with it. The Orthodox feast day of the Ozeryanska Mother of God is celebrated on October 30 in the old calendar, November 12 in the new. (Some information and picture from “Temple of the Archangel Mihail,”  

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