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Vulnerata, Valladolid, Castile and Leon, Spain

The statue of the Wounded Lady was revered in Cadiz Cathedral until the summer of 1596, when a rampaging army of English and Dutch soldiers dragged it from the chapel where people were praying for deliverance from the invaders, struck it with stones and pikes, and tore away the Christ child, smashing it completely, leaving the battered mother in the plaza. On July 14 the English burned Cadiz and its cathedral, and the next day they set sail, taking with them many of the city's leaders as hostages. The head of the Spanish armada, Martín de Padilla, Count of Santa Gadea, took the damaged Virgin to his villa near Madrid. But on September 8, 1600, it moved in solemnity to the College of St. Alban in Valladolid, at the request of English refugees studying for the priesthood there who wished to make amends for the acts of their countrymen. The College observes the Sunday (or sometimes the Saturday) after December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, as a special memorial to Our Lady Vulnerata.   

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