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Grace to you and peace.

Because most devotions to Mary, Mother of Jesus, are associated with the Catholic or Orthodox Churches, their public celebrations cluster around Sundays and liturgical feast days of those churches, such as January 1 (Mother of God), February 2 (Purification), March 25 (Annunciation), May 31 (Visitation), Easter, Pentecost, July 2 (Visitation, formerly), August 15 (Assumption), September 8 (her Nativity), October 7 (Rosary), November 21 (Presentation), and December 8 (Immaculate Conception). Also, since in many communities the Madonna's celebration is a major event, drawing pilgrims from a wide area and providing the occasion for public festivities, it tends to fall on a weekend in good weather. So in devising a calendar with a different Marian celebration for each date, it's necessary to use anniversary dates of associated events, such as apparitions, miracles, foundations, dedications, and the "crowning" of images by Catholic officials, which may or may not get annual notice by devotees. The result is a presentation of devotions to Mary moved from their moorings in place and time to the omnipresent, to a recurrent now that could be anywhere, appropriate to the "virtual" situation in which you are invited to visit them. To do this is perhaps to sacrifice some meaning, with the hope that in the transfer of context some new meaning may emerge, or, at least, some new delight in joining traditions across centuries and continents.   

Mother of God of Three Hands, Mt. Athos, Greece

There are already several such calendars online, but many are flawed transmissions of those in "Calendrier historial," Heures de la Sainte Vierge (Jean Piot, Paris, 1657), Catholic Gems or Treasures of the Church by Francis Deligny, S.J., and John Gilmary Shea, LLD (1887) and The Woman in Orbit by Manetta Lamberty, S.C.C. (1966), well-researched works by authors who nevertheless appear to have occasionally assigned undated devotions to gaps in the calendar as needed. I have tried to avoid reproducing these entries on yet another website. 

Additions and corrections are welcome. 

Mary Ann Daly
February 16, 2008


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