Our Lady of Grace Grotto

West Burlington, Iowa

b-olgrace.jpg (125309 bytes) Coming from Geode State Park on US 34, St. Mary's Catholic Church & grotto is on your left in West Burlington. If you have yet to see a geode, you're about to be comforted.

The small complex was built in 1920-31 by Benedictine Fathers M.J. Kaufman and Damien Lavery. In 1973, pastor Jack Denning mobilized the parish to restore it.

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Atop what appears to be an artificial mound, the grotto faces a vast sunken lawn. Water flows from the geode-studded shrine to a fountain and pools.

Always open, the grotto is particularly beautiful just after sunset with its neon sign reflecting in the water. See also http://www.healing.about.com/health/healing/library/bl_geode_grotto.htm

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