February 6

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Madre de las Almas Consagradas, Carrizales, Miranda, Venezuela

On February 6, 1993, three nuns of the Servants of Jesus Convent, along with a family who had come there to pray, saw the Virgin in the chapel garden, on a banana tree, from evening until morning, radiant with bluish light. The next day, the garden was covered with silver frost. The following day, a similar substance, of many colors, appeared all over the convent interior. In a private message February 9 the Virgin indicated this was a sign of her presence. On February 19 the same group again saw the Virgin in the garden, where young Sister María del Carmen Contreras heard her say, "This is my title: Virgin Mary, Mother of the Consecrated Souls." Again the vision remained until the next day, when the frostlike substance appeared in other religious houses as well. In 1998, after a somewhat equivocal investigation that found no proof that anything supernatural had happened but left open the possibility, the Bishop of Los Teques authorized public devotions at the chapel. At the apparition site is a grotto, where a well was dug at her suggestion; a garden with orchids and roses; and stations of the cross. See the shrine's site, www.geocities.ws/almas_consagradas. (Information also from Maria Madre de las Almas Consagradas, espanol.geocities.com/almas_consagradas. Picture of grotto statue from "Virgen María de las almas consagradas," Venezuela Tuya, www.venezuelatuya.com.)   


Also commemorated this date:

Fájdalmas Anya, Sümeg, Veszprém, Hungary (Sorrowful Mother). First miracle of healing, 1699, commemorated annually. Main pilgrimage on or near September 15.
Madonna del Fuoco, Piedimonte Etneo, Catania, Sicily, Italy. Lava flow stopped, 1865, when statue processed to its edge.
Virgen de la Soledad, Cádiz, Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain. New statue arrived at the Confraternity of the Holy Cross, 1945.
Santísima Virgen del Primer Dolor, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain (Most Holy Virgin of the First Sorrow). Statue crowned, 2000.

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